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Macromedia Flash animations can be used to give movie-like presentation to important parts of your website. Give your site that “WOW” factor by using highly effective Flash Animations.

Macromedia Flash allows you to add more dynamic and interactive features to your website than just standard HTML and images. This can create a positive first impression that you have something unique and have spent the time to add something with thought into your website. Flash animations used judiciously can give your website credibility and a sophisticated high end look and feel.

Flash can be used to do many different things - simple animated features to give a nice visual addition to your website (such as seen on our very own site at the top of the front page), or handling the streaming of video files, complex interactive games and sales applications, and visually good entertaining features for your visitors to watch. Flash formats if implemented well, downloading time can be quite small, and is great visual value.

It can take many hours to build a detailed Flash animation, and the costs and benefits need to be weighed up against its worth for your particular business. Oxygen Internet is happy to advise whether it would be suitable for your website, and we can discuss some innovative ideas to help separate your website from your competitors.

It is important to note, that whilst we can build an entire website using Flash, this is usually not the best idea. It may serve as a great visual feast and have fantastic functional qualities, but finding the site in search engines can be a problem, which is why advice about this needs to be sought.

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